GlobalFix EPIRB Leads Coast Guard to Sinking Ship



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GlobalFix EPIRB Leads Coast Guard to Sinking Ship

GlobalFix EPIRB Leads Coast Guard to Sinking Ship
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Boat Sinking

Boat Sinking

Rogue wave

Rogue wave


GlobalFix EPIRB Leads Coast Guard to Sinking Ship

35°N, -41°W

Posted on June 28, 2023 by Mark Davis

What happened?

Most sailors have heard the terms, “Always step onto your life-raft and never ever jump onto it.” and “Abandon only when all is lost.” That’s all well and good, but with no raft, then what? We had no raft, but we did have that brand new ACR GlobalFix V4 EPIRB just purchased and registered two weeks prior.

Forty miles offshore east of Key West out of radio range on a dark moonless night in 6-8 foot seas pouring into our boat and pushing her under; discussions for rescue with my two dear friends caused me to press the manual button on that new beacon. Our valiant team fought relentlessly to stay afloat against the ever-increasing inflow but quickly tired.

It was time to save us! Forget the boat!

Would this thing actually work and rescue us from these dark and turbulent seas? “Have faith, press the button and they will come” so they say. I had faith. The alternative is unthinkable.

And they did come, about an hour later a USCG plane out of Miami appeared out of nowhere and started circling. We were in communication with someone, FINALLY!  

Saved, or were we?

They deployed a life raft and pump to no avail. The infrared camera turned on and recording. They were in the sky and we in a sinking sailboat.

“Where is the rescue boat?”

“Forty five minutes out.”

“We don’t have 45 minutes! Where is the rescue boat? How long?”

“Stay with the boat,” they say.

We did as instructed until the last possible moment.

 At 1 AM low in the water the seas began pouring over the stern, flooding the cabin quickly. Time to go! We stepped off the boat all strapped together with additional flotation. We pushed off into the turbulent seas.

Just in time.

One minute later the boat rolled over on her port side and quickly sank with all lights on. We felt the suction as she journeyed to her final resting place. As she was in life, “Good Ju Ju” died with grace, pride and glory.

So there we were, insignificance rising and falling in the swells.

“Where’s the boat?” “It will be there shortly, no worries”, they responded from the plane.

Sure enough, about five minutes later at the top of a swell we spotted a USCG fast response boat. They had turned on the afterburners pushing over 40 knots to rescue us.

We were saved! Saved by the ACR Emergency beacon.

Words of wisdom


Press the button and they will comeDo not go offshore without one of these things. The alternative is unthinkable.



Thank you note

Thank you ACR! We are alive today because of you. Be proud.

Rescue location

40 miles east of key west fl

Rescue team

Coast Guard

GlobalFix™ V4 EPIRB

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GlobalFix™ V4 EPIRB saves lives

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