SM-2 Marker Lights





SM-2 Marker Lights

SM-2 Marker Lights

The SM-2 has been disontinued and replaced with the new SM-3 Buoy Marker Light (USCG/MED Approved).

The SM-2 is a high-intensity Xenon strobe which gives 360° visibility for more than 3 miles (4.8 km). This marker light automatically activates and begins strobing when in the water, working for up to 60 hours on a 6-volt lantern battery. Perfect for commercial marine, petrol-marine, cruisers, and any other application needing a reliable Crew Overboard Marker (COB) light, the SM-2 floats upright in all conditions, ensuring it will keep shining when you need it the most.


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It automatically rights itself and activates when in the water and begins strobing, operating for up to 60 hours on a 6-volt lantern battery. Perfect for commercial marine, petro-marine, cruisers and any application needing a reliable COB light.

  • Brighter light in all directions
  • Upgraded polycarbonate blend case, improved impact rating; UV, temperature and chemical resistant
  • Perfect for commercial marine, petro-marine, divers, cruisers, and any application needing a reliable COB light
  • Automatically rights itself and activates when in the water
  • High-intensity Xenon strobe gives 360° visibility for more than 3 miles (4.8 km)
  • Floats upright in all conditions
  • Minimum 36 hours of continuous operating life

A Matter of Balance
Marker lights, by design, need to float upright for maximum visibility. The 6-volt lantern batteries provide the ballast for these lights. Although batteries may be the same size, the different chemistries cause them to have varying weights. It is imperative that only the 6-volt battery models suggested are used. Too little ballast and the light will lie over on its side and be ineffective; too much weight and the light may sink. If there are any doubts as to the appropriate weight of the battery, test the light by placing it in shallow water. If it floats upright, it is good, however, if the SM-2 sinks, the battery is too heavy.

Suggested Battery Types, Screw Terminal Batteries:

  • ANSI/NEDA: 915, 915C, 915D, 915AC
  • Duracell: M915, PC915
  • Rayovac®: 942, 945
  • Eveready®: 510S

Suggested Battery Types, Spring Terminal Batteries:

  • ANSI/NEDA: 908, 908C, 908D, 908AC
  • Duracell: M908, PC908
  • Rayovac®: 941, 944
  • Eveready®: 509, 1209
  • Energizer: EN529 (not 529)
  • Panasonic: W-4FD

Additional information

Weight 0.00 lbs

Product Number 3940.1
Size 13.8” x 4.8” (35 x 12 cm)
Weight 1.75 lbs (794 g)3.94 lbs (1.13 kg) with battery
Material UV stable polycarbonate blend
Color International orange
Operation Throw unit overboard or turn upright light will begin to work
Waterproof Drop tested 100 ft (33 m) into water
Battery Type 6V Lantern style battery. Go to for approval list
Beam Angle Omnidirectional 360°
Visibility 360° visibility for over 3 miles (4.8 km)
Flash Rate 60/minute
Lamp Xenon flash tube
Certification Complies with IMO/SOLAS/LSACode; USCG 161.010 & USCG 161.110approved; Tested to UL 1196
Carton Dimensions 6.5 x 5.0 x 11” (16.5 x 12.75 x 28 cm)
Units Per Carton 4 (this item is sold by the unit on the website)
Carton Weight 15 lbs (7 kg)
Limited Warranty 1 year
Accessories Bulkhead bracket (P/N 9438.1); Top cap and pole strobe assembly (P/N9021.1); Repair kit (P/N 9286)


This product is warranted against factory defect in material and workmanship for a period of 1 (one)* year from date of purchase or receipt as a gift. During the warranty period ACR Electronics, Inc. will repair or at its option, replace at no cost to you for labor, materials or return transportation.
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*Five Years for the following products:  EPIRB, PLB,  S-VDR,  SSAS.

Q:  Is the SM-2 Light still available for purchase?

A: No, the SM-2 Light has been discontinued and replaced by the new SM-3 Buoy Marker Light.


Q: The SM3 looks a lot smaller, will the bracket fit in the same hole pattern as the SM-2?

A:  Yes, the bracket was designed to ensure the hole pattern is a direct match so you do not have to worry about drilling new holes to mount the light.