TPS 8700 - Test and Programmer Set





TPS 8700 - Test and Programmer Set

TPS 8700 – Test and Programmer Set

The TPS 8700 is a rugged, compact, and portable system that allows for the programming, verification and testing of all ARTEX ELTs.

NOTE: This product has been discontinued


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ELT Testing and Verification of ELT ID

Aircraft Emergency Locator Transmitters (ELTs) are required to have their unique identification number registered with the national authorities. The ARTEX Tester provides a simple method to verify and save the ARTEX ELTs ID after installation, reprogramming or should the beacon need to be re-registered after an aircraft ownership change.


Test Data

The ARTEX Tester records all data in an internal database which can be backed up to your PC. The data can be viewed on the computer independently of the Tester, and it is time stamped as proof of transmission and proper programming. The Tester can print via a USB interface to a PC. The printing capability requires a downloadable software program available at



The ARTEX Programmer/Tester has all the aforementioned functionality of the Tester and it can also quickly and easily program the full line of ARTEX ELTs. It is capable of programming the desired protocol, NAV Data Baud Rate, and required information as outlined by Cospas-Sarsat through the applicable programming cable (included).


*All features of 8700 are only applicable to ARTEX ELTs.

Test & Programming Feature Chart TPS 8700 TS 8701 TPS 8715
Verification of ELT ID and Decoding of 406 MHz Transmission x x x
Testing for Presence of 121.5 MHz and 243 MHz Transmissions  x x x
Programming ARTEX General Aviation ELTs Only (reference PN 8700 for unit that is also capable of Transport Level ELT Programming) x
Programming all ARTEX ELTs x
Data backup to PC x x x
Print Capability via USB interface to a PC x x x
Software Included with Product x x
Software not Included with Product (software downloaded after product is received by customer) x


Additional information

Weight 0.00 lbs

Model TPS 8700
Product Number 8700
406.025 Receiver Range -60dBm to + 36dBm (5W Signal)
Decoding Per Cospas-Sarsat C/S T.001 (Issue 3, Revision 5)
Operating System Windows CE 5.0 /Garnet OS 5.4
Microprocessor 400 MHz Samsung
Memory (Volatile) / Memory (Non-Volatile) / Memory (Expansion) 64 megabytes SDRAM / 128 megabytes Flash / via MZIO™ bus standard
Display – LCD Type TFT High Brightness Touch Screen
Display – Resolution 240 x 320 pixels
Display – Viewable Area 3.5″
Display – Backlight LED
Communications – USB 1 megabyte / sec
Communications – Serial (RS232) 1200 to 115200 bits / sec
Communications – Infrared (IrDA) 1200 to 115200 bits / sec at 1meter
Communications Connector 13 pin – custom gold plated pins
Battery Type Lithium Ion, custom battery pack
Battery Voltage 7.4V nominal
Battery Capacity 1700 mAh
Battery Protection Over charge / discharge and thermal
Battery – Charging Current 1.2A (maximum). Via cradle (not provided) or communications cable
Battery – Charging Input 12V DC nominal (use only charger supplied)
Dimensions (w/o Antenna) 6.7” (170mm) (L) x 3.7”(94mm) (W) x 1.53” (39mm) (H)
Weight (Approx., w/antenna) 1 LB (456gm)
Operating Temperature / Storage Temperature / Humidity -10°C to 60°C / -20°C to 65°C / 5% to 90% relative humidity
RFI / EMC CSPR22, CSPR24 (RF emissions & ESD immunity)
FCC / CE / Sealing Part 15, Class A / EU EMC Directive / IP67 (submersible to 1 meter – 30 min)
Current Consumption: Power On / Full System / Sleep Mode 130mA typical (Meazura only – backlight off) / 60mA typical (Backlight on) / 7mA typical



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