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    ELT 5000 Distress Tracking (DT) For GADSS Compliance

    Emergency Locator Transmitter with Distress Tracking or ELT-DT in a Crash-Survivable package.

    The ARTEX ELT 5000 provides the next evolution of ELT Distress Tracking technology to meet new ICAO Global Aeronautical Safety System (GADSS) requirements. ELT 5000 provides both in-flight tracking and post-flight localization in a single crash-resistant unit. When integrated as part of an Autonomous Distress Tracking system, like the ARTEX ADT 5000, the configuration fully complies with all of the ICAO and EASA GADSS requirements.

    Learn more at GADSS.com

    Want to learn more about why you need a GADSS Compliant Distress Tracking ELT:
    For a full list of all the ELT 5000 Specification and a product brochure: Contact James Hunter at +1 954-612-9592 or james.hunter@acrartex.com

    This device has not been authorized by the rules of the Federal Communications Commission, FAA, EASA, or Cospas-Sarsat. This device is not, and may not be, offered for sale or lease, or sold or leased until authorization is obtained.