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GlobalFix RLB-35

GlobalFix RLB-35

This Product Has Been Upgraded. Click Here for Available Product Upgrade.

No matter what kind of boating you do, accidents happen everyday on the water. When the situation turns from bad to worse, make sure you are prepared!
The ultimate in marine life saving technology is now readily available. Unleash the power of the GlobalFix™406 MHz GPS EPIRB and turn that life threatening situation into a successful rescue story.
It’s as easy as flipping a switch, and with an internal GPS receiver, the GlobalFix™ will acquire your GPS position and transmit it along with your personalized identifier code through the SARSAT satellites, instantly alerting SAR forces that you need help, immediately!
The GlobalFix works fast, When GPS data is present in the beacons’s first burst, SAR forces can be notified and start planning your rescue in as little as three minutes.  Independently tested in real world scenarios, the GlobalFix out performed all other 406 MHz EPIRBs on the market.



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This Product Has Been Upgraded.

FastACQ™ GPS engine acquires LAT/LON from a cold start better than normal GPS engines.
FastACQ™ GPS is on for up to 25 minutes in the first 45 minutes of operation.
Patented proprietary electronics package provides greater frequency stability for most accurate position through the LEOSAR satellites. 100m (110yds) GPS position accuracy, optimum allowed by COSPAS-SARSAT.
Only EPIRB available that provides a GPS acquisition test, a full functional self test of internal circuitry and battery voltage test.
Category 1: Fully enclosed, high density, UV stabilized polyethylene
bracket with hydrostatic release. Withstands extremely abusive environments. Hydrostatic release automatically employs EPIRB if vessel sinks to approximately 4m (13ft.).
Category 2: Universal Low Pro2 bracket; includes bulkhead and rail-mount option.
Transmits on 406 MHz (COSPAS-SARSAT) with your registered, digitally coded distress signal, and 121.5 MHz (SAR homing frequency).

Additional information

Weight 20.56 lbs
Dimensions 4.20 × 7.00 in

Part Number:  2742 Category 1 (Class 1), 2742NH Category 1 (Class 2), 2744 Category 2 (Class 1), 2744NH Category 2 (Class 2)
Model: RLB-35
Beacon Size:  17.5 x 4.75 x 3.5” (44.1 x 12.1 x 8.9 cm)
Beacon Weight:  2.3 lbs. (1.04 kg)
Category 1: Automatic, hydrostatic release
Category 2: Manual
Category 1: Hydrostatic Release Kit (P/N 9490)
Replacement Batteries: Class 1: P/N 1098.1
Replacement Batteries: Class 2: P/N 1098.2
Category 1 Mounting Case:  6.5″ x 17.1″ (16.51 cm x 43.4 cm)
Replacement Part Number: 9435
Category 2 Mounting Brackets: 6.0″ x 7.7″ (15.2 cm x 19.5 cm)
Replacement Part Number: 9430
Replacement Antenna 9368


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*Five Years for the following products:  EPIRB and PLB

Q:  Where can I purchase this product?

A: This EPIRB has been discontinued.  Click Here to view our latest EPIRB product line.


Q:  Where can I get the batteries replaced for this beacon?

A: Please use our dealer locator and be sure to use the Battery Replacement Center filter to find the closest location to you.


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