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  • Firefly® PRO SOLAS


    The Firefly PRO Solas emergency strobe light boasts an all-new light output power management system that produces over 41 candelas of light per strobe for up to 56 hours of use (with AA lithium batteries). Using wide-light emission LEDs, it cuts through even the toughest conditions, creating a super-bright flash visible for over 3 miles.

  • Firefly® PRO WATERBUG


    The all-new Firefly PRO Waterbug is a SOLAS-approved strobe light with a built-in water activation feature that will automatically activate once submerged. The LED produces a 360° beam of light that is over 41 candelas bright, allowing for visibility of over 3 miles. With the all-new microprocessor and energy efficient electronics, the Firefly PRO operates continuously for over 56 hours.


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  • Firefly® 2 Doublefly Strobe/Incandescent Rescue Light

    The Doublefly’s multi-function switch allows you to select between a high-intensity strobe that’s visible from beyond 1 nm (1.9 km), or steady, incandescent light for close-up recovery work.

  • Firefly®3 Waterbug Strobe Light

    With its special water-activation feature, this powerful rescue strobe automatically turns on when armed and in contact with water.