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  • B406-4

    The B406-4 has been modified to interface with Boeing’s Master Caution System in conjunction with the DZUS mounted cockpit remote panel (P/N 453-0161) for the B737 and is furthermore approved for use on all models of the B747, B757, B767 and B777.


  • G406-4 ELT

    Designed with the aviation market in mind, the Artex G406-4 emergency locator transmitter (ELT) communicates on all 3 emergency frequencies (121.5, 243.0 and 406 MHz). The G406-4 ELT automatically activates during a crash, and transmits a 406 MHz digital message to a worldwide network of search and rescue satellites, helps local first responders to quickly and accurately identify not only where you are, but who you are as well.