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  • ELT 3000

    You’re never fully prepared without an Emergency Locator Transmitter (ELT) on board. The ELT 3000ā„¢ is a truly integrated safety device. Its compact design and navigational interface ensure that installation is easy, and that search and rescue teams will always be able to locate your aircraft. Plus, the ELT3000 automatically transmits your latitude/longitude every 50 seconds for 24 hours on the 406 MHz distress frequency. This allows local first responders to pinpoint the exact aircraft location within minutes of beacon activation, should you run into an emergency situation. Be Prepared for the Unpredictable: – Manual and automatic activation – Two-wire remote switch – Flexible installation – Stainless steel mounting bracket – Built-in navigational interface


  • ME406 Portable ELT

    Soar safely through the skies with the single-output ME406 Portable ELT by your side. If you should ever have to activate this ELT, the 406 MHz transmitter sends an encoded signal every 50 seconds to alert search and rescue teams of your situation. Plus, should circumstances require you to move away from your aircraft and to a more protected or accessible area, the wrap-around auxiliary antenna will continue to transmit your distress signal, even after the ELT has been removed from the aircraft.