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AIS Personal Locator Beacon

AIS Personal Locator Beacon

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  • ResQLink AIS Personal Locator Beacon

    ResQLink AIS Personal Locator Beacon


    The all new ACR ResQLink AIS Personal Locator Beacon (PLB) is the most technologically advanced beacon in the world as it contains both satellite and local transponders. With the introduction of Automatic Identification System (AIS) functionality, Return Link Service (RLS) technology, and Near Field Communication (NFC) capability in one 406 MHz beacon, the ResQLink AIS represents a critical advancement in the evolution of PLB technology.

    Designed solely for marine use, the combination of 406 MHz and AIS distress messaging pairs both global and local rescue into one beacon for the first time, extending access to the Coast Guard and Search and Rescue as well as commercial and recreational boats in the area. Alerting local AIS equipped boats in your vicinity allows for additional vessels to respond directly to the digital mayday with your precise location.

    In addition, NFC capability provides users with the world’s first smartphone connected Personal Locator Beacon, the new Return Link Service feature provides users with the peace of mind knowing that their distress message has been received and their location detected by Coast Guard.