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  • ACR ResQFix Personal Locator Beacon

    ResQFix™ PLB-300 Personal Locator Beacon

    This Product Has Been Discontinued.   

    Accidents happen every day, whether you are on a mission going into harm’s way, working in a remote area, or simply camping or hunting in the outdoors. In the outdoors, an everyday accident can instantly become a life threatening situation, and rescues may take days or weeks if you are not prepared.

    Put the power in the palm of your hand with a ResQFix 406 Personal Locator Beacon (PLB). Now you can turn that life threatening situation into a successful rescue story. It’s as easy as pushing a button, and with an internal GPS the ResQFix acquires your GPS position and transmit it along with your personalized identifier code through the COSPASSARSAT global satellites system instantly alerting Search and Rescue forces, that you need help, immediately!

    This is a worldwide humanitarian life saving system that has saved over 30,000 lives, paid for by your tax dollars, with no costly subscription fees.

    Be responsible, Be Prepared, Be Safe.