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  • Boat US Exclusive PLB Kit

    BoatUS Exclusive Offer – Jan 2023


    We are pleased to offer a tremendous value to BoatUS members purchasing a ResQLink View Survival Kit and the Pouch and Carabiner with Velcro accessory kit. Add these two items to your cart below, view your cart, and then enter the coupon code BUSKit2023 and click on “Apply Coupon” in order to receive your ResQLink View PLB (Learn More) while also receiving the following items free of charge:

    • C-Strobe™ H2O Rescue Light – Learn More
    • Res-Q™ Whistle – Learn More
    • Pouch and Carabiner with Velcro Strap – Learn More
    • RapidDitch Drybag
    • Signal Mirror

    Note: The ResQLink View PLB purchased alone is priced at $399.95 but BoatUS members utilizing coupon code BUSKit2023 will receive all the above items for $399.95 when purchasing at least one ResQLink View Survival Kit and one Pouch and Carabiner with Velcro accessory kit.

    Wherever your adventure takes you, whether it’s a trip to the highest mountain peaks, the most undiscovered terrain, or the vastest of oceans, rest assured of your safety when you pack your ResQLink View Survival Kit. Simply activate the ResQLink View by deploying the antenna, pressing the on button, and the beacon will do the rest for you by effortlessly guiding rescuers to within 100 meters or less of your position while also providing live beacon status and GPS coordinates on the built-in digital display.

    When Search and Rescue arrived on the scene the bright LED C-Strobe H2O strobe light will get rescuers’ attention at night, or in daylight hours use the signal mirror to gain their attention. Store all your emergency gear inside the RapidDitch Dry Bag to keep your survival kit conveniently together.

    Additionally, the ACR Pouch and Carabiner with Velcro accessory kit provides numerous wearability options for your ResQLink View PLB. Addressing a variety of usage applications, this kit is an important safety gear addition as it helps to ensure that you are able to keep your ResQLink View safely on your person so that you have it when you need it the most.




  • SafeSea EPIRB3 Pro

    The new Ocean Signal EPIRB3 Pro is a full featured 406 MHz global rescue beacon that comes with an auto release float free bracket and packs a host of features into a compact modern design which includes AIS technology. AIS provides local rescuers precise and reliable information on the current beacon position, thereby speeding rescue operations. Additionally, Return Link Service (RLS) comforts those who activate the beacon by confirming that their distress message has been received. The inclusion of Near Field Communication (NFC) capability allows use of a smartphone app to monitor the EPIRB’s battery and other functions ensuring it is working properly. With its slim design and advanced features, the EPIRB3 Pro is ideal for a variety of mariners whether they are cruising the med, heading out through the straights for a passage, fishing, working, or sailing offshore.


  • RescueME EDF1


    The rescueME EDF1 electronic distress flare offers users a safe and long-lasting solution to visual signalling in an emergency. The unique lens design combined with the use of advanced LEDs and highly efficient circuit technology ensures a constant level of light output throughout the life of the user replaceable battery.

  • Placeholder

    55W/24V Lamp for RCL-100/100A, B, C, &D (JCD24V55WDX)

  • Programmed PA for C406-N

    The Artex Programming Adapter (PA) is an optional accessory for the C406-N series of ELTs, and will automatically re-program a C406-N ELT, overwriting previously stored data for efficient fleet maintenance.


  • Remote Control Panel – B737

    Remote Control Panel Remote switch for the B406 ELT

  • Remote Switch – Cessna

    This remote switch was designed based to meet Cessna's requirements for matching the color of their switch cover with the color of their instrument panel.


  • Remote Switch – Lear

    This remote switch was designed to meet the requirements for Lear business jets.


  • Remote Switch – Raytheon

    This remote switch was designed to meet the requirements for Raytheon business jets.


  • Remote Switch 455-9700/455-9701

    Remote Switch without night vision goggles compatibility. Two Models Available: – 455-9700 (black) – 455-9701 (gray)


  • Remote Switch, Cessna Mustang

    This remote switch was designed specifically with Cessna Mustang jets in mind.

  • Remote Switch, Standard 455-6196

    This remote switch is standard for all TSO C91a and TSO C126 ELT packlists, except for the ME406 ACE and B406 Series ELTs. If an OEM customer requires a specific remote switch model, or if the ELT is specifically supplied for military applications, then this remote switch will not be standard either.


  • Remote Switch, Standard 8304

    This remote switch was designed to reduce installation costs and accommodate 2 wire installations used on the outdated 121.5 MHz ELTs. Although the 3 position switch is always set in the default ARMED mode, you can change the settings to either test your ELT or activate it from the cockpit.

  • TPS Connector Removal Tool

    The TPS Connector Removal Tool helps to unplug even the most awkwardly located connectors so that ELT (C406-2 and C406-2 HM, B406-4 and G406-4) and antenna removal is quick and efficient. This tool works with the following ELT models: – C406-2 – C406-2 HM – B406-4 – G406-4

  • 110-329 Whip Antenna, Single Band

    Whip Antenna, Single Band, 406 MHz


  • 110-750 Portable Antenna, Dual Band, Black Tape

    Portable Antenna, Dual Band, Black Tape, 121.5 & 406 MHz

  • 110-773 Whip Antenna, Dual Band

    Whip Antenna, Dual Band, 121.5 & 406 MHz

  • 110-775 Portable Antenna, Dual Band for ME406P

    Portable Antenna, Dual Band for ME406P, 121.5 & 406 MHz