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    The L8-5 is a U.S. Coast Guard approved water-activated LED survivor locator light that is approved for use on life vests or life preservers to indicate the location of survivors in water as a result of a marine related accident or distress situation. The lamp and lens combo of the L8-5 produce a powerful light that will last for a minimum of 8 hours after activation with a minimum light intensity of 1 cd. Throughout its entire operational life, the light will continuously output a steady white light to clearly indicate a survivor’s location and increase the probability of rescue.

  • Programmed PA for C406-N

    The Artex Programming Adapter (PA) is an optional accessory for the C406-N series of ELTs, and will automatically re-program a C406-N ELT, overwriting previously stored data for efficient fleet maintenance.


  • SM-2 Marker Lights

    The SM-2 has been disontinued and replaced with the new SM-3 Buoy Marker Light (USCG/MED Approved).

    The SM-2 is a high-intensity Xenon strobe which gives 360° visibility for more than 3 miles (4.8 km). This marker light automatically activates and begins strobing when in the water, working for up to 60 hours on a 6-volt lantern battery. Perfect for commercial marine, petrol-marine, cruisers, and any other application needing a reliable Crew Overboard Marker (COB) light, the SM-2 floats upright in all conditions, ensuring it will keep shining when you need it the most.


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