The New GlobalFix EPIRBs



The New GlobalFix EPIRBs

The new ACR GlobalFix V5 EPIRB is an innovative EPIRB with unique features perfect for mariners whether coastal cruising, working offshore, or crossing oceans.

ACR GlobalFix V5

An innovative EPIRB with a unique feature set. The addition of an AIS alert provides the easiest and quickest path to rescue while the included Return Link Service (RLS) functionality provides a welcome sense of security by providing direct to beacon confirmation that your distress message has been received. Adding Near Field Communication (NFC) to the mix allows for smartphone connectivity and access to data and product interaction that has never before been available.

Pairing of Global and Local Rescue

AIS equipped vessels within VHF range of the EPIRB will see a safety message on their screens including MMSI vessel identification.

Vessels in the area where the EPIRB has been activated can then start rescue and recovery operations immediately without having to wait for emergency response. AIS also allows local responders to easily pinpoint the EPIRB’s location which is presented as an AIS target on their onboard display. Nearby vessels with onboard AIS can navigate directly to the EPIRB by selecting the AIS target.

This incredible technological advancement will speed recovery times which is sure to save lives.

Return Link Service (RLS) Enabled

Return Link Service tells whoever triggers the EPIRB that the distress message has been delivered. An RLS signal sent back through the Galileo satellite network confirms that the distress message along with the precise beacon location and identifiers have been detected. An easy to see flashing blue light indicates the EPIRB’s successful reception of the Return Link message from the Galileo satellite network.

The comfort of knowing rescuers are aware that an EPIRB has been activated and that they have its location helps reduce the stress associated with mayday situations.

Smartphone Connectivity Utilizing Near Field Communication (NFC)

NFC (Near Field Communication) technology allows users to access EPIRB diagnostics using their smartphones. When a smartphone is placed adjacent to the GlobalFix V5 EPIRB the ACR Product App automatically opens providing access to EPIRB data.

Beacon status information in the app includes: current battery life, number of self-tests completed, number of GNSS tests completed, and the amount of time the EPIRB has been activated. Detailed information on each self-test and GNSS test performed by the device is also available. GNSS tests show a map view pinpointing where the previous test was performed, the date and time of the test, how long it took the EPIRB to get a fix on the GNSS coordinates, the number of satellites used to obtain that fix, and the accuracy of the fix.

Simple App connectivity with NFC allows users to easily check the status of all EPIRB functions to ensure it is working properly.

Providing the safety of a 406 MHz link to the global Cospas-Sarsat satellite network while also providing reassurance via the introduction of RLS, the new ACR GlobalFix V6 proves to be a versatile choice for a variety of boaters. Most importantly, offering an extensive feature set, the V6 provides the key elements needed for rescue.

ACR GlobalFix V6*

A versatile EPIRB suitable for use on both recreational and commercial vessels. High tech features like Return Link Service (RLS) reassure users by confirming that the beacon has successfully sent the distress message and that this message has been received. ACR’s new Near Field Communication (NFC) allows the beacon to connect to a smartphone for quick diagnostics that demonstrate the battery is charged and the EPIRB is functioning properly. The GlobalFix V6 is an ideal safety solution for all types of vessels and activities including coastal cruising, offshore passage making, or while working or fishing in any ocean.

The GlobalFix V6 includes all the innovative features of the GlobalFix V5 with the exception of AIS Alerting.

All Next Generation GlobalFix EPIRBs Come Standard With

Note: As per regulation, Class 3 EPIRBs do not have a water activation feature.
Note: GlobalFix V5 and V6 EPIRBs can be purchased either with a Category I (Automatic Deploy) or Category II (Manual Deploy) bracket.

This device has not yet been authorized as required by the Rules of the FCC and does not comply with the requirements of RED (Radio Equipment Directive). This device is not, and may not be offered for sale or lease, or sold or leased until such authorization is obtained.