New 406Test Beacon Testing Reporting Subscription Service for ELTs

With 406Test, you can test your beacon through-the-satellite using the test function of the 406 MHz ELT to comply with annual inspections and during initial installations.

Also, our system automatically lets you know when your aircraft is due to its annual inspection and when it is time to inspect your ELT.

Currently the most expensive part of 406 MHz ELT Certification is the up-front cost for all of the test equipment needed to ensure the beacon and antenna are working properly. This equipment can easily run a facility over $5,000 to be set up to test 406 MHz ELT, but not anymore. With 406Test.com, the actual installed ELT is the only equipment you need. Simply perform a self-test and receive instant alerts on your account if that test passed and print the certificate.

Test Reports at your Fingertips

With 406Test receive and a downloadable PDF beacon test report, live on your phone, tablet and/or computer.

Coverage on the Entire Continent

Through the use of our satellite testing system along with the online report tracking, 406Test offers satellite testing in north and south America only.

ELT Test Reporting

Fulfilling compliance on initial installation and annual inspections by providing up-to-date test reporting which can be exported or printed.

406Test Online Beacon Testing

An efficient and cost effective testing solution. Compatible across all ARTEX 406MHz ELTs, and PLBs.