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Enhanced GPS Testing, and SMS Message Confirmation

406Link is the first and only advanced satellite testing system that can receive self-test notifications from your Personal Locator Beacon (PLB), EPIRB, or ARTEX 406 MHz emergency locator transmitter (ELT). This optional subscription service is designed to enhance the functionality of your beacon, and provide you and your loved ones with peace of mind knowing that if you should run into an emergency, your beacon is working properly.

406Link works by sending a specially encoded test signal 22,000 miles up in the sky to a network of search and rescue satellites. Once the satellites receive the signal, it is then picked up by ACR ground stations in North America. In less than a minute, our patented software processes your self-test data, and then sends a confirmation message to you and your specified contacts via email and SMS text message. 

Mobile phone notification via SMS messaging alerts

Mobile Alerts at your fingertips

With 406Link receive a customizable text message whenever you test your beacon.

Email notification allow computer access

Email Alerts for detailed records

Along with SMS messaging, email communication is included.

Up to 5 mobile and email contacts per account

First-Class for Everyone

All 406Link members gain previous PLUS upgrade at no extra charge!

Up to 5 mobile and email contacts per account will receive your custom 406Link message

With 406Link you can:

  • Test your beacon with the same satellite system used in real search and rescues
  • Send customized confirmation messages via email and SMS to up to 5 contacts
  • Receive GPS location verification (If your beacon allows for GPS self-tests)
  • Enhance the functionality of your ACR or Artex 406 MHz beacon
  • Create peace of mind for you and your loved ones
  • Track the number of self-test and GPS tests performed throughout the lifetime of your beacon

This service is completely optional and not required when you own a 406 MHz beacon. 406 MHz beacons do not require any subscription service to notify Search and Rescue forces around the world of your emergency distress message. So don’t worry if your subscription lapses, when you press the activation button, Help Is On The Way!

While your beacon will work worldwide, 406Link is currently only available in the United States. 

406Link mobile phone and computer notification display.
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Works with EPIRBs and PLBs by ACR, Ocean Signal, and ARTEX