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Backpacker saved by a ResQLink PLB

Name Jeffrey Masterson
Product Name ResQLink PLB-375
Date of Rescue 04/15/2012
Saved By Kern County Fire Department
Lives Saved 1

I am a 57 year old very experienced backpacker. I most often hike solo, enjoying the solitude. I was recently backpacking in the Golden Trout Wilderness in California on a planned two week trip, when I was caught in a snow storm that was more than expected.

I was about 14 miles from my car when it started to snow. I made camp and "hunkered down" to wait out the storm. It snowed for about 24 hours and dropped about 18 inches of pure powder. It is very difficult to hike in this type of snow and I was concerned about losing my toes to frostbite, or worse, if I tried to hike out.

Kern Fire Rescue MapI activated my beacon at about 5 p.m.Friday, April 13th. Due to the continuing inclement weather SAR was not able to reach me until about 9 a.m. on Sunday, about 40 hours later. They picked me up in a "medivac" helicopter and transported me to the nearest town for debriefing and a medical check. My only injury was a slight frostbite to my fingertips and a "very bruised ego". I was told that several other hikers had been caught in the same storm, one ending in a fatality. I have used an ACR PLB for about 8 years now, and I would never venture into the wilderness without it. This product will save your life!!!


Read the rescue report from Kern County Fire and Rescue

Kern Fire Rescue

Thanks to all of you at ACR. This is my second ACR beacon. It is a ResQLink PLB-375. I love it. The compact size and potential of this product are truly amazing. I would recommend it over any other product on the market.

Thanks again, Jeffrey Masterson