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Hiker checks GPS, missed the sign, and couldn't turn back

Name Megan
Product Name ResQLink™+ PLB
Date of Rescue 04/05/2018
Saved By Victoria Police
Beacon Purchased From C.H.Smith Marine Pty Ltd
Lives Saved 1 person

Hiker was completing Great Ocean Walk and had chosen the 700 metre beach route. After hiking approximately 900 metres, the hiker checked her GPS and realized she had missed the sign (the sign had been blown over by high winds). She turned back but saw the tide was starting to get quite close, so she called 000, who instructed her to turn on the PLB. PLB was activated for approximately one hour. Owner of PLB (friend of hiker) and emergency contact were contacted. SES Volunteer and two Police Officers arrived at approximately 2:30 pm before a Police Helicopter arrived. Hiker was winched into helicopter and transported to Port Campbell. Police later drove her back to Great Ocean Walk trail, where she continued her hiking the next day.


Thank you so much for making a product that just works!

Thank you so much for making a product that just works!