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Jet Ski

Name O'Prey
Product Name ResQLink™+ PLB
Date of Rescue 01/02/2018
Saved By Ambulance Victoria HEMS3, NSW Police, NSW Volunteer Rescue Association
Beacon Purchased From Red Baron ALSE
Lives Saved 1 Person

At 6 pm I took out my step fathers jet ski (as mine was requiring a service) for a tour ride through Lake Mulwala and along the Murray since the hottest heat of the day had passed. Only a few minutes into my ride and a mechanical fault caused the jet ski to lock up and I lost all control of the vessel as I was travelling through a less frequented fishing channel through trees and stumps. Managing to avoid the trees at speed, I was eventually washed up against a stump about 60m off of the channel, where I was able to prop myself with my feet. I attempted to restart the ski a number of times but it was not going to allow me to go anywhere. - So here I stayed, and waited for a fishing boat or other ski to pass by the channel who I could flag down and ask for a tow back to shore. I had only a short length of rope on board, so I was unable to tie the vehicle to any of the stumps around me, instead propping myself with my feet, pushing against the growing swell. By 8:30pm no other boats had come close to the channel and the sun started setting. I had found a whistle and a torch, the whistle seemed to get attention of some people at shore but due to the winds they were unable to hear clearly where it was coming from and if I was in distress... the torch worked for a moment before the batteries dies. - Now sitting on an all black ski (apart for a small section of yellow I had faced towards shore) in the dark of the night deep in the trees as I had been drifted along a few times when I lost my footing on stumps, my family back on land became concerned that I hadn't returned and called emergency services. At approx. 9:30, just as it became proper dark, I located the ACR PLB. I was reluctant to activate it as I knew that I was not personally injured in threat, however it was getting cooler, my ski was slowly taking on a little water and I wanted to use the LED light on the beacon to draw attention from shore. As I watched more and more police and search rescue flashing lights along the shore attempting to find me with their headlights, in under 10 minutes of activating the GPS signal on the PLB, a vehicle had their headlights facing directly at me. The Ambulance Victoria HEMS helicopter arrived just before 11 pm and after a failed winch attempt due to trees, landed on shore, and boarded a local's fishing boat fitted out with LED's by the NSW VRA and were able to locate me with the guidance of the helicopter above. The jet ski was secured to the log I had ended up at and by morning had been sunk. Although initially feeling that I was overusing the resources of the PLB, I would surely have ended up in the water by morning, and had a very different outcome. - I MUST MENTION THAT THE BEST THING ABOUT THIS DEVICE WAS THAT BY ACTIVATING THE REGISTERED ACR PLB, MY FAMILY RECIEVED A PHONE CALL WITH IN MINUTES OF ACTIVATION... THIS MEANT THAT THEY WERE ABLE TO REDUCE SO MUCH CONCERN, KNOWING THAT I WAS STILL CONCIOUS AND ALERT ENOUGH TO BE ABLE TO MANUALLY ACTIVATE THE DEVICE AND THEIR WORST FEARS OF ME HAVING SEVERE INJURIES (OR WORSE) COULD BE REMOVED!! Thank you ACR-ARTEC

Thank you, not only did this device help- source appropriate resources and timely retrieval, but most of all enabled communication and coordination with my family who until activation of the device, could only imagine the worst. thank you, not only a life saving device - but a trauma saving device also