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Dance off with a venomous Tiger Snake

Name Jollie
Product Name ResQLink™+ PLB
Date of Rescue 01/10/2018
Saved By Tasmania Police and Ambulance - Westpac Helicopter
Beacon Purchased From Mountain Designs
Lives Saved 1 Person

South Coast + Port Davey Track, Tasmania: After 13 days of hiking over 140km in remote south-west Tasmania, 9km from the finish, I stomped on, and then entered a danced off with a venomous Tiger Snake. I lost. The tiger snake had managed to strike with such force that its fangs went through my gaiters and pierce the skin.

The snake, now satisfactorily proven I had two left feet, left in a blink, leaving me a little shocked and wondering how it won without any feet at all. I quickly sat down, immobilized my leg and called for the other two members of my hiking party whom were carrying the PLB. After pressure bandaging my leg, we set off the PLB. Our location was particularly spectacular, so during the 2 hour wait for the Westpac helicopter for arrive, we admired the nearby looming Western Arthurs Range and the beautiful day the Tasmanian weather gods saw fit to grant us. When the helicopter arrived, we were still in good spirits and were delighted to discover that my fellow hikers could also return in style and climb aboard as well. I am forever grateful for the PLB as without it, I would have been in serious trouble as there was no roads near by and help was down a difficult muddy track. Without it, I am not sure I would be here today. Thank you.

Thank for your all the lives that you saved!