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Rescue Map

Pools of water in canyon

Name Garrett Carrica
Product Name ResQLink™+ PLB
Date of Rescue 03/13/2018
Saved By Kanab Sheriff Department/Search and Resuce
Beacon Purchased From REI
Lives Saved 9 people, 3 dogs

We started a four day three night backpacking trip in Paria canyon and Buckskin Gulch. Before starting we were delayed due to a severe rain storm the day before our start date. Once the rain stopped we decided to wait one extra day to avoid a flash flood. After talking to BLM ranger we decided to start our trip on a Monday. Once entering we encountered a lot of water, before starting we were told we would only see ankle deep water pools. From the start we were walking in knee deep water for the first few miles. Then the canyon dried up and we were able to make a few miles. Then around mile 5 we encounter more water and stagnate pools of water. The pools started getting deeper and deeper and we had to go through multiple chest deep pools. Many of the people on the trip were short and we had to portage our backpacks and dogs across the water. After spending over seven hours in the canyon we started to run out of daylight. The canyon we were in had canyon walls stretching 400 feet up and were as wide as 3 feet to 15 feet.


All of our members were starting to become cold due to the multiple pools of water and unable to dry off and warm up. The youngest member of our trip was my 11 year old brother who started to show signs of hypothermia. We encountered another deep pool of water that we couldn't pass. With hypothermia setting in we decided the best option was to change into dry clothes and call for help since we did not know how far we were and were stuck in a canyon with no way out. Many of our sleeping gear had become wet from the multiple water pools we had to cross through and we were worried about staying warm in the canyon.


Once we activated the beacon we waited about 5 hours before we heard a helicopter-flying overhead. After about one hour we made contact with the helicopter and were able to find out that our location was reported to search and rescue. The next morning search and rescue made contact and we were escorted out of the canyon through the middle route with ropes. Once out of the canyon everyone was okay and we were able to make arrangements to get home. Because of the beacon were able to make sure my little brother was safe and the help was on the way without putting his life in further danger. The rescue team was shocked that the ResQlink plus worked in the deep canyon and took note of it to let others know.


I want to say thank you. With the ResQlink plus we were able to know that help was on the way without having to split up our group or wait for a prolonged amount of time hoping for someone to stumble upon us. The ResQlink plus kept my brother safe and our dogs and because of this I am very happy. Thank you for provided great products that allows myself and family to go out into nature with the peace in mind of knowing in the off chance that something happens we can always contact help.

Thank you,