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Thanks to ACR and Denham Sea Rescue!

Product Name GlobalFix™ Pro
Date of Rescue 04/28/2017
Saved By Denham Sea Rescue, Shark Bay Western Australia
Beacon Purchased From Whitworths Marine & Leisure
Lives Saved 3

We were coming to the end of a 12 day trip to the remote seaside town of Denham, Western Australia nearly 1000km north of Perth the nearest capital city. We had travelled just over 70km from the port of Denham to the west side of the top of Dirk Hartog Island for a fishing trip, when we experienced engine trouble, the new filters fitted just prior to the 12-day trip had become clogged with water, some of which had made it through to the late model outboard, causing a backfire, splitting the intake manifold. We tried unsuccessfully to contact Sea Rescue and other stations on VHF our mobile phones which also occasionally work in the location were also not registering signal. After repeated trying on the VHF we briefly made contact with a nearby commercial vessel who unsuccessfully tried to reach Perth radio on HF and advised us of an updated forecast predicting very strong winds. With no other option, we decided to set off the ACR REQMATE EPIRB and continued with the VHF Within about 30 or so minutes we were able to relay a message to Sharkbay sea rescue and we were glad to hear the had our location and Rescue 4 was already on the way to get us. It was slow going with the heavy seas but some 6 or so hours later we were back in the Port of Denham thanks to ACR and Denham Sea Rescue

Thanks everyone at ACR, you helped save the day! it was good to know we could rely on the EPIRB when VHF, HF and mobiles were no help!