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Close Call

Name Hilles
Product Name ResQLink™+ PLB
Date of Rescue 08/19/2017
Saved By Coast Guard
Beacon Purchased From
Lives Saved 4

We are building a remote cabin on an island off the coast of Juneau, AK. After spending a week

working on the place my son-in-law and a friend picked up my wife and I, heading back to

Juneau. The intercostal water on Stephens Passage was rough and we took on some water

getting into the boat, because I am old and overweight. After kicking off from shore I

discovered the bilge pump was not working. Instead of returning to shore we hit the gas and

tried to clear the water out with a hand pump, which we then discovered had a leak due to a

louse fitting. We were still able to navigate, heading toward the nearest land, which was

Douglas Island rather than trying to make the longer trip back to the marina. The friend of my

son-in-law was trying very hard to pump out the boat manually while I sat in the bow to

counterbalance the stern to reduce water from coming over the rear motor mounts. His leg

must have inadvertently hit the battery switch, and the outboard cut off. We thought it was

water in the fuel line and started the kicker. It kept cutting out. By now we were in the middle

of the channel, the roughest seas, and water was flooding the back of the boat. My son-in-law

and I looked at each other and decided it was time to notify someone. He called the Coast

Guard and I turned on the ResQLink beacon. Just after that we discovered the battery cut off

switch problem and quickly got the outboard running. Moving forward again, we were able to

hold back enough water for the guy manning the hand pump to make some progress. About 10

minutes later a local fisherman, who was dispatched as the closest boat to us by the Coast

Guard, asked if we needed assistance. By then we were under control and declined help.

Quick responce from the Coast Guard was very much appreciated.