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Rescue Map

Capsized in Strong Winds and Waves

Name Pack
Product Name ResQLink™ PLB
Date of Rescue 08/07/2017
Saved By US Coast Guard
Beacon Purchased From Hodges in 2014
Lives Saved 1

While cruise - camping along the outer banks of NC, I capsized in strong winds and waves losing my VHF radio and primary GPS . There was no cell phone service in this area. It took me approx 2 hours to right the boat in the waves and wind. While in the water I began having chest pains which worsened after getting back in the boat and setting an anchor.  Realizing the chest pain was progressing I set off my PLB. Within three hours I was being air lifted to a local ER where I was then transferred to a cardiac care center hospital. After a cardiac catherization and medicine I should be fine.  Thanks to an ACR PLB I am alive and well , here to boat and cruise again. 

Continue the promotion. I never thought I would need a PLB . I had full survival gear and the ability to lay at anchor during bad weather but I had not anticipated a medical emergency .