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Dark is coming and I have not been eaten by crocs

Name Capt Bones
Product Name ResQLink™+ PLB
Date of Rescue 03/08/2017
Saved By Water Tribe. United States Coast Guard. Everglades National Park Rangers/EMS
Beacon Purchased From
Lives Saved 1 person

Paraphrased Excerpt from the thirteen page:

…The Horse You Rode In On….

By Capt Bones

Aka Wayne Flatt

I have pushed myself very hard on this two hundred forty mile expedition adventure with my small trimaran single person kayak.

On the third day my brain fogs over and I drop into a deep pool of hallucinations that replaces most, but not all, reasoning or decision making ability.

In the late afternoon, I find myself lost and disoriented in the edge of the Everglades and the Gulf of Mexico wondering how I got here. Panic pounces on me and in the distance I imagine the Rider of the Pale Horse coming for me. Slowly, I accept my expedition is over and a new challenge has emerged—survival and with luck, rescue.

I regain my composure and a slight amount of reasoning ability.

Sometime later, I realize dark is coming and I have not been eaten by crocs, gators, pythons or bitten by other snakes—only mosquitoes and settle into the idea of living through the night. I am lucid enough to understand hallucinations of my own design have created this challenge and I must strive to hold onto the remaining five percent of reasoning ability or die from being stupid.

I activate my ResQLink+ GPS and the bright beautiful flashing strobe gives me comfort as I turn on the ACR C-light attached to my PFD. When I punch the help button on my tracking device, I drop and lose it in the water. I also activate a hand held SOS signaling device and hold it to reflect off the mangroves.

I have silent people around me—all are hallucinations. When I go to talk or touch them, they crumble into ash and sink into the water.

In the early cloak of night, a hallucination, unlike the others approaches and speaks to me. My confidence is not high it is a real person. I set a trap. When it gets near enough, I will touch it and watch it disappear like all the others.

I startle when it touches me first. I feel its touch. Odd that.

I spring my trap and touch him back. It does not dissolve. In shock, I touch again—it’s a real person.

My rescuers, other boaters in the event, load me in their small boat and maintain contact with the United States Coast Guard and the EMS Everglades Rangers. I am exhausted, yet still able to communicate through my continuing hallucinations as my rescuers care for me enroute to Flamingo where EMS evaluates, then provide transport to a Dade County hospital. My recovery period has given me ample time to reflect on and be thankful for the excellent safety equipment that saved my life.

When on the water I always carry redundant and proper safety equipment and hold close and secure my trusted ResQLink+ Personal Locator Beacon to my constantly worn Personal Flotation Device. Now I know the true worth of my equipment, especially the ResQLink+.

Capt Bones

Aka Wayne Flatt


This is simple. Because of your dedication to making flawless working products I am here today and able to thank you. It may feel like only a job at times to you. But your constant detail to quality and workmanship is and will continue to be lifesaving to many who go to sea. Thank you to all. Capt Bones