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I registered the walk details on the AMSA.

Name Vera
Product Name ResQLink™ PLB
Date of Rescue 07/10/2016
Saved By NSW Police Air Wing (Polair) and NSW Air Ambulance
Lives Saved 1

I was leading an overnight bush walk in the Blue Mountains National Park in the Wild Dog Mountains area. Our second day's walk was upstream along the Coxs River when one of the group slipped and fell awkwardly on a slightly sloping rock platform whilst taking a photo. As the walk leader and trained first aider I assessed the situation and suspected a fracture to the lower right leg and commenced first aid to immobilise the broken limb and make the injured walker as comfortable as possible. I have had an ACR ResQLink PLB for approx. 3.5 years and carry this on every walk hoping that it will not be used however given the situation, the severity of the injury (both tibia and fibula had been broken) and no immediate mobile phone coverage I activated the PLB at approx. 10.00 am to alert Emergency Services. Prior to the walk I had registered the walk details on the AMSA website including a map with our intended walk route. At approx. 11.15 am we had a NSW Polair helicopter overhead which then landed and an officer crossed the Coxs River and attended the incident site. At approx. 12.15 pm a NSW Air Ambulance arrived and lowered Paramedics to the site where the injured walker was assessed and then winched to the helicopter and transported to hospital where the severity of the break was confirmed. The injured walker underwent surgery the next day and is now recovering at home. The ACR ResQLink PLB allowed us to quickly alert the Emergency Services and provide them with a location for the required support - I wouldn't leave home without one !