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Dislocated shoulder and attacked by wasps

Name Shane Simpson
Product Name ResQLink+™ PLB
Date of Rescue 02/20/2016
Saved By Taupo SAR New Zaland
Beacon Purchased From Wilco Marine Services (Div. of Hutchwilco)
Lives Saved 1

We were running had a hunter training weekend.

We had finished the teaching and around 3pm we split up and went for a hunt in different areas.

My plan was to head up one spur then follow the ridge to the north then back down another spur and walk along the road back to camp.

Everything was going well, had found plenty of sign and a lot was fresh, As I was coming down the spur I found a very fresh set of tracks heading of the side. I Stalked along after them, had the wind in my face could see about 10 feet in front of me.

I followed them down into a creek, after following the creek I couldn't find any further fresh sign.

There was a nice flat bench I wanted to check out, I followed a good game trail sidling around heading towards this bench when I spotted fresh foot prints heading in the same direction.

I made it a further 10 steps and then slipped over and down, I had only fallen about 4 feet and laughed a little. My pack pack was all twisted on my left side and as I tried to move my left arm it couldn't budge and I had an incredible pain.

I felt with my right hand and thought I had broken my collarbone. I then realised my shoulder had dislocated and the ball was up against my collarbone.

I dropped my back and tried to squeeze it back in place like the other times. It didn't budge in the slightest, there was a Ponga tree to my left and i tried to use that to help but the tree was to soft. i climbed up back to the game trail and tried using a tree but all that did was made me collapse to my knees in pain. I felt I was going into shock and my body was shaking.

I opened up my bag and grabbed my phone, torch, headlamp, plb and put them in my pockets I turned my phone and it seem the time was getting close to 8 pm and I had no service.

I used my hoodie to make a bit of a sling put my backpack on, grabbed my gun and used it as a walking stick I headed uphill. I made it about 100 hard meters and found reception. With 1% battery left I managed to get a text to my gf, voice mail to a good mate Phil (who was in our group) and a forum post that looking back didn't make too much sense.

I was uncontrollably shaking now, my vision was all blurred and kept getting darker then lighter, I was at the point of passing out this was when I grabbed my PLB and set it off.

As I sat there having some water and nuts I could hear buzzing all around me, i didn't know what it was until was stung by a wasp not once about 4 times in a row i had to move.

I went about 50 meters up and across and found a small clearing in amongst dead fall my adrenaline was wearing out,

I collapsed in a bit of a heap and couldn't get back to my feet.

I figured some of the guys would be back at camp by now so shot up into the air, It must have been about 9:30 at a guess. I then sat there and was blowing on my whistle 3 times every few minutes.

Not long after I heard the helicopter coming in they had a very hard time pinpointing me and spent a lot of time on the other side of the ridge, It seemed to take forever but as they banked around they seen my strobe light and hovered above me for about a minute. I heard them bank away and land not too far away.

A few hours later i heard a whistle and through the windfall the guys came bursting through, there was 3 of my guys and a SAR member.

After being given lots of sXXX about my predicament and how they would rather have a beer then walking up here the SAR guy started assessing me. I ended up having a hot cup of raro and we strapped my arm using my hoodie as a packer as i couldn't get it next to my body. It was an excruciating two hours walk to the road end.

I was finally able to have some pain relief and we were in the chopper on the way to the hospital, I was put on the gas and after about 3 breaths time was going very slow and I couldn't see anything. Everything is a bit foggy from here but the nurse said it was quite a mission to get my arm back in place and they couldn't believe i had managed to walk out.

After a painful sleepless night I had x rays in the morning and was released.

My Shoulder is needing surgery to repair the damage, in total it was dislocated for just over 7 hours.

I would like to personally thank all your employees. There dedication and ability in making a product that you can truly rely on when everything goes wrong and your needing immediate assistance.

Thank you very much guys :)