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Alaska State Troopers and National Park rangers were wonderful

Name Schafale
Product Name ResQLink™+ PLB
Date of Rescue 07/27/2016
Saved By Alaska State Troopers and National Park Service
Beacon Purchased From
Lives Saved 1

I was backpacking in the back country of Lake Clark National Park, on a day hike in a cirque. I was crossing a field of large boulders, furniture-size or larger, when one shifted and pinned my foot. I was hopelessly trapped, 3 1/2 days before being expected back, with little water and no shelter. I am confident I would have died of exposure or dehydration before I was found, maybe before a search was even launched. The beacon was amazing. Within 1 hour of activation, there was a National Park Service plane searching for me. It took another 5 hours to bring in a helicopter, go back for more tools, and finally get the rock off me. But I was rescued before nightfall, with a crushed foot but otherwise in good medical condition. Alaska State Troopers and National Park rangers were wonderful, competent, and compassionate. I can't say enough good about them. And the beacon made it all possible.

Thank you all. Your beacon performed flawlessly, and activated a wonderful rescue infrastructure. I definitely owe my life to it, and to the person who talked me into getting it.