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45 miles out we lost both engines

Name Ryan Frauenehim
Product Name ResQLink™+ PLB
Date of Rescue 09/23/2016
Saved By US Navy, Coast Guard
Beacon Purchased From West Marine
Lives Saved 4

Myself and three other buddies were fishing 45 miles out of Jacksonville FL on our way to our last spot, when we lost both engines. The battery switch to both batteries cracked and disabled the power. After an hour of trying to fix the connection, calling on the VHF, watching the seas and wind grow stronger, and the sun going down, I made the call to hit the PLB. After 30 minutes, a Naval ship made contact and were en route. Along with a Coast Guard helicopter overhead, the Naval ship sent a rib over with a engineer to help with the wiring issue. After some rigging, we managed to get both engines running and made it home safely. Without my ACR PLB and awesome military, I truly believe we were heading in a deadly situation. I am proud to be an American! Thank you all!

Thanks you ACR for making such great product! We are truly grateful.