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31’ Contender center console sport fishing boat had been stolen

Name Robert Behar
Product Name GlobalFix™ Pro
Date of Rescue 09/12/2016
Saved By Miami Dade Police Department/United States Air Force
Beacon Purchased From West Marine
Lives Saved Vessel

On Monday, September, 12, 2016 at approximately 5:50AM as I was leaving my home in South Miami, Florida, I discovered that our boat a 31’ Contender center console sport fishing boat had been stolen. Upon discovering the boat was missing, I immediately contacted police to report the boat stolen. A public service aide from the Miami-Dade Police Department reported to my home and took the report. She issued me a case card bearing case number PD160912345894.


Once the police left, I took our children to school and returned home at which time I received a telephone call from the United States Coast Guard advising they had received an emergency distress signal from the EPIRB, an ACR Global Fix Pro, registered to our vessel and inquiring if we were alright. I advised them we were in fact alright, and that the boat had been stolen. I asked them for the coordinates they had received from the epirb, and the officer gave them to me. I immediately got into my vehicle and headed to the general vicinity of the coordinates, and contacted the police to advise them of the developments. I learned from the Coast Guard that they would receive an updated location approximately every 20 minutes, however, that because the epirb was over land it was the US Air Force that would be receiving the updates. They were kind enough to give me the correct telephone number of the department that would be receiving the updates. For approximately 6 hours I was receiving updated from the Air Force. For most of the morning law enforcement was not cooperative until I shared with them the fact that I was in a very remote wooded area and very close to my vessel. At which time they dispatched two officers. The Miami Dade County Police department dispatched a helicopter. The pilot began canvasing the entire area until he obtained a visual on the vessel. The thieves had dumped the epirb in a swamp. We do not know whether intentionally or or not bu the water was enough to activate the epirb. Thanks to the performance of my ACR epirb I was able to locate and recover our boat.


ACR did not save our lives in this particular instance, but you definitely saved our family from losing our number one family pastime. My children had left to school sobbing that morning and by the time they returned home our boat was back home and they were all smiles. Thank you TEAM ACR!!!!!