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I fell into a sinkhole

Name Raitt
Product Name ResQLink+™ PLB
Date of Rescue 02/04/2016
Saved By Whangarei Rescue Helicopter
Beacon Purchased From Hunting & Fishing New Zealand
Lives Saved 1

Myself and 6 friends were tramping locally after getting permission of a local farmer. We were exploring the headwaters of the Ngunguru river. The terrain was steep in places. I began following the steep top edge of a stream bed a long way back from the edge but in thick knee deep vegetation. I suddenly fell sideways 3 metrs into what was a sinkhole or cut in from the stream, landing on my back onto a large rock. Extremely painful. I crawled along the stream bed in agony to more open ground where my friend could reach me. I got someone to activate my PLB. I was immobile in agony. I was eventually located by helicopter, a stretcher lowered, winched up into it an d taken to Whangarei Hospital. I had broken my back Lumbar 1 vertebrae. After 3 months recovery still having trouble with back.