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Sea Tow vessel arrived and we were on our way back in. What a relief!

Name Luis de la Cruz
Product Name GlobalFix™ Pro
Date of Rescue 07/09/2016
Saved By Coast Guard and SeaTow
Beacon Purchased From Crook & Crook, Inc.
Lives Saved 3

On July 9, 2015, my son, my cousin and I set out from the Key Biscayne Yacht Club for a day of fishing as we have done hundreds of times. We were out approximately 25 miles under a frigate bird when we hooked on to a real nice dolphin and were fighting it when i looked back at our outboards and saw brown-orange liquid spurting everywhere. We continued to fight the fish until we gaffed it and brought it on the boat. Once in the cooler, we realized there were more serious concerns. When turned the wheel of my electronic steering system, it tuned all the way around as many times as you wanted. There was NO steering (and we were 25+ miles out with no one around). I started trying to hail the Coast Guard through channel 16 of my two VHF's and realized we were not being heard by anybody. After some time trying to drive the boat without steering and trying to figure out what the next step was (it was starting to get dark), I decided that we had to flip the switch on our ACR EPIRB that i have had on the boat since I purchased it in 2005. Within 15 minutes, we had a Coast Guard chopper flying over us. He must have been on another mission close by because the response was almost immediate. By that time, they made contact with us and we had finally received a response from the Coast Guard they contacted Sea Tow and their rescue vessel was on the way. The Sea Tow vessel arrived about an hour and a half later and we were on our way back in. What a relief!

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for doing what you do. It is not in every walk of life that you have the opportunity to influence life and death like you all do. While ours was not a harrowing experience as you read in the news often, it could have been if we had not had our EPIRB.