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Altitude sickness that went into Hypoxia

Name Jennings
Product Name ResQLink™ PLB
Date of Rescue 07/27/2016
Saved By Idaho Air Rescue
Beacon Purchased From Liberty Mountain, LLC
Lives Saved 1

Encountered severe Altitude sickness that went into Hypoxia in the middle of the night. Turned on the beacon. Helicopter showed up and transported me to the Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center. I had ascended too quickly and my oxygen saturation levels had dropped into the 80's.

We planned for months leading up to our annual week long trip to the Wind River Range in Wyoming.  Included in our essential items is the ACR Electronics ResQLink Personal Locator Beacon. It is a reliable piece of kit that we can depend on in the rugged terrain that we go into. 

 Since I am going to be 60 years old this coming July, I make sure that I take items such as the ResQLink in case we run into trouble.

 The four of us left around 5am on the 25th of July, which meant that I awoke around 3:30am.  We loaded up our pack goats and headed for the Big Sandy Trailhead.  Arriving around 11am, we loaded up the goats and started for our first campsite, roughly 8 miles away, Marm's Lake.  The Big Sandy Trailhead is around 9100 ft in elevation, about 5000 ft higher than where I live in Utah. I had not adequately prepared for the difference in elevation except for hiking and training on the treadmill.  This day was an unusually warm day, as well as smoke in the air from forest fires.  We pushed ourselves pretty hard since we wanted to arrive at our campsite before dark.  Once we arrived and got our tents set up, I noticed that I was feeling sick to my stomach and had no appetite for food.  I forced myself to drink some water, and also ate some vegetables that Dave had brought along for dinner. We all retired to our tents around 9:30pm.  I couldn't sleep at all, and I started sweating.  I also noticed that I was short of breath and I wasn't getting any benefit from inhalation. I got out of my tent and walked around a bit, but I still couldn't get any benefit from inhaling.  I felt like I was on Camp 3 on Everest.  

I woke up my friend Dave and told him that my condition was worsening and that I think I should activate the PLB.  He agreed, and we did so.  Before long, the medical helicopter arrived near our campsite and I was taken to Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center in Idaho Falls, Idaho.


I'd like to think the employees at ACR Electronics for designing and manufacturing a reliable unit that is capable of saving lives in the back country.

Thanks so much. Your product saved my life.