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Rescue Map

Daughter on a school Trip

Name Jane Ford
Product Name ResQLink™ PLB
Date of Rescue 07/13/2016
Saved By helicoper
Beacon Purchased From REI
Lives Saved 1

My daughter was on a school related trip to Big Horn Mountain, WY. I was uncomfortable with where she was going and how remote the location was. If she became ill or had an accident it would take a very long time for her group leader to hick out of the backcountry or to hick to a location they could get cell service to repot to authorities and make the rescue take longer. I know that every second counts when someone needs hep and it could be the difference between life or death. I thought to myself it is 2016 and if I knew there was a better way to protect her and increase her level of safety; then, there is no choice. It is like when you know better you do better. If something happened to my daughter out there in the remote location, and I knew a ACR beacon existed I would feel guilty that I didn't purchase the life-saving beacon. So, the choice was easy! The rescue came not for my daughter but for someone else in her backpacking group. I never thought about that when bought the beacon. A person in her group became very sick. The group leaders where making plans to hike to contact 911 for a rescue; which would of taken several hours or more. My daughter suggested that they could use her beacon. It took a short while before the helicopter landed and another life was saved! I'm glad to know I helped with a rescue.

Thank you