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solo mountain trip

Name Isbister
Product Name ResQLink+™ PLB
Date of Rescue 02/12/2016
Saved By NZCC Air Rescue New Zealand
Beacon Purchased From Amazon
Lives Saved 1 person

This was a multi day, solo mountain trip to a small remote lake in the Southern Alps of New Zealand. The terrain is very steep and difficult with near vertical potential falls over rock into deep water. There have been many rockslides which are impassable so means clambering over the top of them. My PLB is clearly my most essential piece of equipment.

The walk itself is made more difficult with miles of rough exposed tree roots covered with moss. Approx 800 metres from the lake head I slipped jamming a boot in tree roots and fell backwards and sideways wrenching my knee. I hobbled on after a while and made it safely to a mountain hut another 3 hours hike away. I rested for 2 days taking medication before attempting to walk out. On the relatively flat terrain to the lake it was bearable but decided the terrain and rough country was foolhardy to attempt.

I activated by PLB at 0906H and the NZCC chopper arrived at 0954 including the flight time to Lake Christabel. The paramedic agreed to attempt such a hike with torn medials was not a sensible option. Within moments I was on my way back to safety and medical treatment. I can't speak highly enough for their prompt arrival, expertise and professionalism. To them a huge thankyou. I was on a solo mission and didn't take photos of the rescue chopper but I have terrain and lake images.

To the men and women at ACR. Keep doing what you do so well. Great little safety devices and I confirm that they work perfectly on the other side of the world in the Southern Hemisphere.