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I came across a tent poorly erected in the middle of the track

Name Holtz
Product Name ResQLink+™ PLB
Date of Rescue 02/03/2016
Saved By Rescue Coordination Centre
Beacon Purchased From Burnsco Marine and Leisure
Lives Saved 1

I was walking down the Greenstone Valley in SW New Zealand, and first thing in the morning one day, I came across a tent poorly erected in the middle of the track. On closer inspection it was determined that the visitor from Germany had taken a fall the previous evening and had severely damaged their lower leg. Severe swelling was present around his ankle and lower leg which was consistent with a fracture or severe sprain.

This location was about 6 hours + walk to the nearest road end. He was unable to walk and there was the need for immediate medical attention at the nearest hospital.

The beacon was activated about 9 am with the helicopter with 2 paramedics arriving about an hour later. After checking the patient, he was assisted to the helicopter and flown to the Queenstown base hospital. It was subsequently determined that this person had broken their fibula and tibia bones in the lower leg.

Thanks to the Rescue Cordination Centre, helicopter service and St Johns paramedics for an efficient response.