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I started getting dizzy spells

Name Fred Zinsli
Product Name ResQLink™ PLB
Date of Rescue 06/05/2016
Saved By Westpac Helicopter
Beacon Purchased From Hunting & Fishing New Zealand
Lives Saved 1 person

It was a wonderful Sunday morning. There was a good frost, so the day was going to be awesome. I decided to go and retrieve several of my game cameras I had in the bush, one of which had stopped working. So I drove to Catchpool reserve and wandered in, about a 4 hour walk from the carpark to get to my cameras. It was a slow steady tramp in, and it was brisk up where I was at the 700 meter line. I had retrieved 2 of the cameras and was on my way back to get the third camera when I stumbled and fell. It hurt like heck the minute I hit the deck. It took me a while to get to my feet. I knew I had hurt myself, but just brushed myself off (as you do) and carried on. I only got about 50 yards when I started getting dizzy spells, and my back was starting to really hurt. I knew I was in trouble. I managed to walk a little further to get out of the high canopy above me, and I had to stop. I dumped my pack and sat down before the dizzy spells made me fall down. I set off my PLB, and as I was so high up I had cellphone coverage, so I called the police as well. After answering many questions with them evaluating my situation they informed me that they were going to send a helicopter to get me. As I was so high up I could look cross the Wellington harbour, so I watched the helicopter coming straight for me. They winched a paramedic down to assess me. I could hardly stand by the time they got to me. I was assessed as status 1, and they then winched me to the helicopter. They flew me to Wellington Hospital where I was assessed further. I was assessed as having no serious injuries, apart from my back being sore. They gave me lots of pain killers and discharged me later that night. I was off work for quite some time, and am now starting to feel less back pain.


Whilst my injuries weren't immediately life threatening, if I had stayed up on the hill I would have been in considerable trouble due to hypothermia as I was only lightly dressed, and only had enough nibbles and water for the day. This was only meant to be a day trip.




Fred Zinsli

I appreciate the time and dedication the folks at ACR put in to create equipment that saves lives, and/or makes it easier to recover someone in trouble.