Survivor Club

Rescue Map

Extreme weather event

Name Crowe
Product Name ResQLink™+ PLB
Date of Rescue 05/12/2016
Saved By Westpack rescue helicopter
Beacon Purchased From Hunting & Fishing New Zealand
Lives Saved 4

My crew of four working in the Poulter River area on a species recovery project experienced an extreme weather event. Crews were separated by a river but in scheduled radio contact. A missed radio schedule and continued deteriorating conditions meant that the whereabouts of one crew was unknown and at risk from rising water. High river water prevented crews from reaching the hut and given the missed radio schedule and weather conditions the decision was made to activate the beacon. A rescue was initiated at first light by Rescue Coordination Center. Both crews were well equipped, had built shelters and lit fires in difficult conditions showing a high level of skill and good decision making. Well done team!

We would like to thank RCC Wellington and the team on the Westpack Rescue Helicopter. Also DoC Arthurs Pass for their radio support and updating.