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No one on board but the EPIRB saved the boat!

Name Thomasson
Product Name GlobalFix™
Date of Rescue 01/07/2015
Saved By U.S. Coast Gaurd
Beacon Purchased From VIKING LIFE-SAVING EQUIPMENT (SA) (Pty) Ltd
Lives Saved 1

I was getting ready to leave for a hunting trip in Maryland with some friends. I had gone to Miami to get some equipment for the hunt, while standing in the store the U.S Coast Guard Station in Islamorada called me to say that they had received a signal from my EPIRB, and asked if I was OK. I stated I was fine, at that the boat was in the marina in my neighborhood, confirming the location they stated that the signal was coming from. I hung up with them, after saying I would look into the problem right away. I called a neighbor, and asked him to check my boat, he went down and saw that there was water on the deck and proceeded to turn on the pump manually. Once we got the water down, we found a hose had come off a connection, repaired the hose enough to get the boat to a ramp and pull the boat out off the water. Even though there was no one on board, the EPIRB still saved the boat from ending up on the bottom of the marina. It was great to see how well it worked knowing I take my family out often. 

This is the second time there has been a problem of this nature, and want to Thank All of you for making a product that can be counted on.