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canoe trip from Lake Waskaiowaka

Name Reid
Product Name ResQLink™ PLB
Date of Rescue 09/07/2015
Saved By Royal Canadian Mounted Police Gilliam MB Post Constable Jason Twiss
Beacon Purchased From REI
Lives Saved 1

While on a canoe trip from Lake Waskaiowaka to Churchill MB via the Little Churchill and Churchill Rivers I became ill on approximately my eighth day. My first night at camp was uneventful and I planned on resting the following day so I could recover and continue my journey. During the course of the following day my condition actually worsened rather than improving. I was feeling weak and it was difficult to eat and stay hydrated. Hoping another day in camp would help I settled in for the night when a steady rain started which lasted all night. By the following morning my condition had further deteriorated and I was unable to retain any food or water. I was so weak by this time I was having difficulty trying to take care of myself. In addition to becoming very dehydrated I was also starting to become very chilled and was unable to warm up. With over 100 miles to go by canoe to the city of Churchill and experiencing the onset of hypothermia I felt I had no other choice but to trigger my ACR ResQLink.


At about 7:15 in the morning I deployed my PLB. The weather was very bad with low lying clouds just above the treetops, rain, fog, and even gusty winds. I did not expect to see anybody this day and hoped conditions would improve so I could be extracted the following day. Unbelievably I heard a helicopter mid afternoon and shortly a RCMP Mountie was at my side. I was flown to Gillam, MB where I spent two nights in the hospital. While there I was administered IV's to hydrate me, I was warmed, and antibodies were given to fight intestinal illness.


It is highly unlikely I would have been able to successfully treat myself and completed my trip. I have no doubt had I remained in the wilderness my condition would not only have gotten much worse but the rate of my deterioration would have spiraled out of control. Had I waited another day to trigger my beacon and had the bad weather prevented a prompt extraction I doubt i would be alive today.

Thanks for a great and well constructed product. It's small size means that it always gets carried. And the fact that it is robust and reliable means that it saves many lives.