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10 trees had fallen over the road blocking our way out

Name Ramsay
Product Name ResQLink™+ PLB
Date of Rescue 12/15/2015
Saved By Skamania County Sheriff
Beacon Purchased From
Lives Saved 3

Was doing a 3 day backpacking trip in December with some buddies in the GP NF. On the day of the return hike out, it had snowed several feet. By the time we got to the car at the trailhead, there was about 3-4 feet of snow on the ground. My pickup truck had been buried up to the grill in snow. We dug it out with shovels and got it rolling down the forest service road in 3 feet of snow. However, while we were gone, at least 10 trees had fallen over the road blocking our way out. We were left with the option of hiking 20 miles through 4 feet of powder to the nearest town or taking cover in a forest service bathroom. Snow didn’t let up, so I hit the “save me” button. 6 hours later the S&R showed up on snowmobiles, having had chainsawed through dozens of timber that had fallen over the road. We rode out on snowmobiles and I got my pickup truck back about a month later after some of the snow had temporarily melted out.

Thanks for the awesome product.