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A broken leg with no way to communicate

Name marriott
Product Name ResQLink™ PLB
Date of Rescue 08/09/2015
Saved By Ambulance victoria helimed 1
Beacon Purchased From ebay
Lives Saved 1

I had left on the Saturday morning on a solo backpacking hunting trip in the Victorian high country, when I was out hunting the following morning I broke my ankle and fibula .

I had no phone reception or couldn't get anyone on the vhf radio so I used my PLB.

Within 45 minutes I had a helicopter above me , which picked me up and took me to my home town to reunite with my wife and children, so the PLB saved a lot of stress!

I would like to thank everyone who help in making the epirbs they are an amazing thing they saved my family and my self a lot of stress and heartache
Thanks Neil