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Name Butte
Product Name ResQLink™ PLB
Date of Rescue 07/08/2015
Saved By Anthony Rabinowitz, Elizabeth C, Elko, NV fire agencies
Beacon Purchased From REI
Lives Saved 1 deceased

On a backing packing trip to Lamoille Lake in the Ruby Mountains in central Nevada, a camper at a neighboring campsite collapsed and his companion asked us for assistance. I grabbed my first aid kit and ACR PLB and rushed to the victims side.


He had a weak thready pulse and no breathing, we commenced treatment and deployed my PLB. As a thunder and hail storm rolled in, he went into cardiac arrest so we commenced full on CPR. Another camper ran to the trail head to call 911. We stopped CPR after 2.5 hours without reviving the victim as all the rescuers were getting hypothermic and continuing CPR would have endangered our own welfare.


30 minutes later Fire showed up. They said helicopters couldn't fly because of the storm. They said they recieved the first call from my PLB which pin pointed our location, and an hour later got the 911 call from the guy who ran out. They carried the victim out and I later confirmed my suspicion that he deceased.


I am glad I had my PLB as it reassured me that back up was on the way and permitted me to concentrate on the task at hand.


I am aware that there is no survivor in this story, but I hope you replace my PLB anyway. In any case I am proud of the care I rendered and am glad I was carrying my ACR PLB. I will always carry an ACR PLB on similar trips in the future.

Thank you ACR for making a product that sat at the bottom of my pack for a couple of years and then performed as designed. I will be carrying an ACR PLB on all trips like this in the future.