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Boy scout troop 166

Name Gall
Product Name ResQLink+™ PLB
Date of Rescue 08/19/2015
Saved By U.S. Air and Marine - Border Patrol stationed out of Bellingham WA
Beacon Purchased From
Lives Saved 1

Boy scout troop 166 went for 7 day/night 54 mile hike on the Boundary Trail near in Central Washington. On the third day, Boy Scout troop scout leader became ill but altitude sickness was not initially suspected due to height (8200 ft). After resting for the night to recover, it became apparent symptoms were actually HAPE ((High Altitude Pulmonary Edema) and he could not walk. His lungs had a lot of fluid and he was displaying great difficulty breathing.

At this point, we enabled the beacon. Four hours later, a helicopter from the US Border Patrol, based out of Bellingham, WA., landed.

A backcountry horseback trip from Cascade Wilderness Outfitters was nearby and assisted moving the scout leader to the helicopter since he could not walk on his own and the helicopter landed 1/3rd of a mile away.

The scout leader was transported with his son to Bellingham, WA and hospitalized for two days to recover. He is now fine and back home with his family.


Thank you to ACR for making this amazing product. I will never travel on a hike without carrying your product and several other people I have shared this story with have purchased a beacon. The beacon saved this leaders life and kept a scary event from becoming a tragic event.

Thank you ACR