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Police advised us to activate our PLB

Name Az
Product Name ResQLink™ PLB
Date of Rescue 02/23/2015
Saved By Mansfield Police, Victoria, Australia
Beacon Purchased From MacPac Melbourne
Lives Saved 2 people

After a weekend of hiking, my husband and I were returning to our car down Helicopter Spur in the Australian Alpine National Park. Although the forecast had been for good weather, thunderstorms developed during the day. In the heavy rain we were attempting to avoid the steep, rocky outcrops on Helicopter Spur. In doing so, we lost the trail, finding ourselves in thick bush and steep terrain. Our attempt to return to our car left us exhausted and disoriented. We realised that it was near dark, and we were lost. Fortunately we had emergency phone reception and contacted the police, who advised us to activate our PLB. The police sent an initial search party, but in the dark, it was dangerous for them to continue looking for us. We agreed that we would be safe for the night. Based on our PLB location, in the morning the police were able to direct us over the phone, and we were able to find the trail and hike ourselves down. Having the PLB with us provided a great reassurance during this incident. Although neither of us were hurt, because the police advised us to activate the PLB, they were better able to know our location, and help us get back safely.

Thanks guys, we really appreciated having one of your PLBs with us!