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I had had a quadruple by pass approximately 18 months previous. So time was a biggie.

Name Tony Baigent
Product Name ACR PLB-375
Date of Rescue 05/31/2014
Saved By Nelson Malborough Resuce Helicopter
Beacon Purchased From Marine Deals
Lives Saved 1

On Friday 30th May our party of 9 travelled to the Guide River, area of the Molesworth. A 3 hour drive from Nelson. We were on a goose shoot for the 4 days. We have all the gear, bells and whistles which include two ACR Beacons. We were in -4 degrees with snow and ice and no cell phone reception. At 2.30am on Saturday morning my breathing became very short. Once we were aware that it was getting worse not better, my son made the call to set of our beacon. We had a volunteer firefighter who was woken straight away too. I had had a quadruple by pass approximately 18 months previous. So time was a biggie.

Two of our party members drove out 35 minutes to check that search and rescue had received the call. Meanwhile back in Nelson my wife had been rung by search and rescue. Funny enough at that time of the morning, not being awake she thought it was one of those overseas people call about checking your computer and she promptly told them she wasn't interested! Once they made it clear who they were and she was awake enough to know what was going on, she knew it was for me. They let her know everything about what was going to happen and when it was likely to happen. Maureen rang them back to tell them what medication I was on. So the Helicopter team was totally prepared. Once the rescue Helicopter got to me, the boys had set up all their vehicles making it easier for them to see us. They ascertained that I hadn't had a heart attack so they decided it was safe to fly straight to Nelson Hospital, and not to Christchurch. Maureen was updated throughout the whole time through search and rescue. She was informed that the helicopter was going to Nelson and then she drove straight to the hospital. I was very surprised that the medic on the helicopter new all my history and was very onto it with their care. Not knowing that they had been in contact with Maureen. It was a 35 minute flight to Nelson Hospital where I was treated and released the next day. As it turns out the same thing happened a week later and have pinned it down to a medication problem. The family and I are very grateful for one having a beacon, and two for the fantastic care and service I received.

Thank you so much for such a great product.
I'm pleased to say that more of the guys are buying more beacons due to seeing just how life saving they are.