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A two day Canyoning Trip

Name Simon Wai Shing
Product Name ACR Resqlink
Date of Rescue 04/19/2014
Saved By NSW Ambulance Service Special Casualty Access Team
Beacon Purchased From
Lives Saved 1

It was around 3pm on the first day of a two day canyoning (canyoneering) trip to Davies Canyon in the remote Kanangra Boyd National Park in Australia when Simon dislocated his shoulder. With a nurse and people in our party trained in first aid we tried our best to relocate his shoulder, but without success. With our friend in pain and unable to continue and only a couple of hours of light left, we activated my PLB at around 4:30pm. We made Simon as comfortable as possible and set him up in a sleeping bag to stave off hypothermia, then began to set ourselves up for the night in case the helicopter didn't turn up. Just as we finished cooking a bloody helicopter turned up overhead and sent everything flying! The Special Casualty Access Team did an amazing job winching down two paramedics from the helicopter into the tight canyon. Simon was evacuated that night, while the rest of us spent the night in the canyon with one of the paramedics. Soon after first light we were winched up onto the helicopter and flown a waiting medical team. My heartfelt thanks to the Special Casualty Access Team paramedics, pilot and loadmaster. They did an amazing job! Thanks ACR for your life-saving product. 


Twice now I've been very thankful for your products. Keep up the great life-saving work!!

Beacon owner Philip Eddey