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Simon Saved by the RNLI and the use of my ACR PLB

Name Simon Jones
Product Name ResQLink
Date of Rescue 04/18/2014
Saved By RNLI & UK Coast Guard
Beacon Purchased From Force 4 Chandelery
Lives Saved 2

I am a commercial fisherman in the UK.

I have just bought a brand new e-tech out board fitted to my 19 foot boat.  We decided to take the boat on sea trials to check our fuel economy and range. So out of Weymouth we go' sweet as a nut. Headed SW 20 miles. I changed the fuel can. I then tried to start the engine and nothing on the key. just a click. I was still in phone range so phoned the dealer he said it was in gear protection and I would get used to it. Anyhow we got it going and carried on five miles; got to a wreck and turned the engine off and tried to start it again. It would not start. We tried to contact for help between the radio and phones and reached no one. It was late and we weren't going anywhere and no one was coming our way. The PLB was my only option. Luckily the boat itself was in fine shape it is the engine that did I not work so we were towed to safety upon the RNLI and UK Coast Guard's response to my beacon call. We are grateful for our beacon and back to work. We can't say much for the boat engine manufacturer but we sure were greatly our PLB worked. 

Thanks to you all for producing a proper bit of rescue kit has to be the best on the market,

best regards simon jones