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I am so glad that I had the EPIRB, that worked just like I was told.

Name Shorty Apperson
Product Name ACR 406
Date of Rescue 05/25/2014
Saved By USCG Newport,Or
Beacon Purchased From englund marine
Lives Saved 1

My boat was taking on water,I was 15 miles out I gave coast guard my position got survival gear on.I put the epirb on the back deck. I was getting my liferaft ready when the boat rolled over my gear and I hit the EPIRB light was on when I seen it next to me,but I could reach it so I flipped the switch . my life raft did not deploy so I unfolded it,laid my back on it,and waited for the USCG to come. thank God they did. They told me the EPIRB gave them my location. what a bunch of great guys that saved me.


I am so glad that I had the EPIRB,that worked just like I was told.
thank you for making a great product