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my feet slipped out from underneath me

Name Mills
Product Name ResQLink+™ PLB
Date of Rescue 11/07/2014
Saved By taranaki air rescue, Taranaki alpine search and rescue
Beacon Purchased From taranaki hunting and fishing
Lives Saved 1person

A friend and I who hunt together all the time had decided to go down a ridge that we had only hunted a couple of times. I went to have a look at a bluff to see if we could climb down. It was not going to happen when I turned around to walk away my feet slipped out from underneath me and I slipped about 10 ft with my hands out trying to stop me going over the 40 ft drop dislocating my shoulder. Due to the location and the lack of visual from the helicopter the medic had to be walked in by my mate which happened 3 hours after the PLB was set off which was about 9.15 am they attempted to relocate my shoulder twice in the bush which was unsuccessful and I was then air lifted through to Taranaki base hospital were able after the 5th time to relocate my shoulder. 6 hours my shoulder was dislocated. The chopper crew and alpine crew done an awesome job and they have my utmost respect.