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I had a misstep and broke my tibia and fibula

Name Dave Simons
Product Name ResQLink+
Date of Rescue 07/31/2014
Saved By Banff National Park Rescue Services, Alberta, CA
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Lives Saved 1

Near the end of a seven day 90 mile hike in Jasper and Banff National Parks I had a misstep and broke my tibia and fibula. We only had a mile to go to reach the car so my friend Andy Kunkle took off to reach a phone to call for rescue.

It was nearing evening and I could see thunderstorms to the north and south of me as I lay there in the trail, unable to move. I triggered my ACR ResQLink to call for help too. By the time Andy got to the car and drove 30 miles to find a phone the rescue services at Banff National Park were already on the way. After about 2 hours the helicopter showed up overhead and could see me through a small hole in the forest canopy. They dropped two rescuers down who packed me up and away I went on the skyhook!

Then they flew me to hospital in Banff town, a delightful forty minute flight. If not for the prompt professional rescue I might have lost my right leg. It was a bad break requiring major surgery.

Your service and product are incredible! I've been backpacking 25 years. This was the first time I had a PLB along. What timing! Everything worked out great.

Thank you so much, Dave Simons