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very grateful for the technology and reliability of my ACR

Name Mark Parks
Product Name ACR ResQLink
Date of Rescue 05/02/2013
Saved By United States Air Force
Lives Saved 1

I was spraying weeds using an ATV in a very remote area. Wapshilla is 30 miles from the nearest neighbor, there is an access road but it is seldom traveled this time of year plus I was behind a locked gate where no motorized access is allowed. The ATV rolled over the top of me. My initial assessment was I had a broken left arm, left leg and broken sacrum. I activated my ACR and hoped and prayed for a quick rescue. My brother was contacted by the Air Force to confirm it was likely I needed help. My brother contacted my boss who convinced the local authorities to send a Life Flight helicopter instead of search and rescue. I started receiving medical attention within 1.5 hours of activating my ACR. Diagnosis...5 broken ribs, broke L-5, broke sacrum, broke pubic symphysis, broke left wrist. Thanks to the quick response I am recovering very well. If I had not had my ACR I would have layed where I was for at least 4 days before my boss would have begun to worry when I did not do my weekly check in. I am very grateful for the technology and reliability of my ACR.

Words can not express how Thankful I am to The people who put together my ACR. I hoped I would never have to use it. I had not performed a test of my ACR so as I was laying in pain I was also wondering if I would be rescued. Thanks to your attention to details as soon as I hit the rescue button the strobe light started. I have never been so happy to hear the sound of a helicopter in my life. Thank You for applying Current Technology into the ACR which told of my exact location. Take Care and God Bless you all!